Welcome all to the revamp of the Temple of the Crooked Serpent, I am Rev. NecroWolf of the Cult of the Ram and the co-founder of the TCS. As you can read in our little intro welcome at the top of the page, written by Sister A the other founder, the blog is going to be dedicated to all things pertaining to Orthodox Devil Worship and Occultism. Thus you will NOT find Nazi-Satanism, Alien-Satanism, or any other bullshit that one may find else where. What you will find is a honest and simple layout of topics from people that HONESTLY worship a literal being called Satan/Lucifer and the Demons of Hell. This being said I will state here and now that most of the topics pertaining to Devil worship and Occultism will be handled in the videos which you can find in the videos section or of course you can find them at my youtube channel.

Other things you may see written here are the following:

Interviews with musicians, writers, and people of the path that have made themselves predominate in one way or the other (look forward to a interview with Weverin lead singer in the coming weeks)

Reviews of books and other products along with shops.

Commentary on news, culture, and everyday life of the members that pertains to Devil Worship and Occultism

Along with other miscellaneous articles about tech and such as we see fit.


Rev. NecroWolf


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