God is dead!

As I woke this morning I partook of a recurring thought that has been with me for the last few weeks “God is dead”, given this has most likely been brought on by rereading all of Nietzsche works again though I do believe it does have some truth too it, at least in my humble opinion.

When one looks at society today one can clearly see a lack of “God” as we would classically catalog it under, meaning the tribal fear of a omnipotent being IE see early Christianity and Judaism. Society in general has reverted into a more carnal existence where God is a tool for political push, financial gain, or simply a status quo. Though I would not go as far as saying that society is in a age of “Satan” as some may say I would say it is moving in a slow yet generally positive direction to that label though there are still quite a few more years to go for this to happen. Like Darwin observed with prehistoric man evolution is a very slow process, sadly for some in southern Alabama they have yet to receive their opposable thumbs, to retard the process even more is man insatiable love of the status quo as can seen on the daily bases if you look at your average cubical worker.

Thus through social, mental, and physical evolution and the “demoralization” of society one can assume that god is simply dead and has been so for quite some time.

Onward and upwards, my comrades!

Rev. NecroWolf


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