OS of the Devil!








Well maybe not of the Devil but it is quite the neat yet some what cheesy adaptation on the Ubuntu Linux Distribution aptly called “Ubuntu Satanic Edition” by its creators.

So I have been playing around with this distro for about two days now and all I can say is that it has little to no out of the box issues and even betters its father Ubuntu by straight out of the box being able to play MP3’s and DVD movie with out the need of finding a correct codec and then installing it through the terminal or the application add/remove. Though overall the “SE” is mainly a slim-down (less per-installed applications) themed version of Ubuntu and not so much as a pure distribution as one would get with something like Puppy, Knoppix, Kubuntu (My personal distro), Mandriva, or any other distro that is floating out there. Though I will say that their use of a soundtrack to the distro was great but not really a reason to download and use the OS. So if you are looking for a great OS that is themed in a Dark fashion and has great media playing ability right off the bat this may be the Linux distribution for you.

Rev. NecroWolf (Yes, I am a geek)


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