Zietgeist: The movie (Late but better than never)


As the title says, Zietgeist: The Movie (2007), is something I have never really wanted to watch until lately when I was bored and was some what enamored with the violent first few minutes of the movie. Though as the literal movie began and I turned off Vader in the background(those images and God is dead, Hallelujah was fucking epic!) I was somewhat captured by the subject matter of the first part about religion. Though some of the facts seem a little sketchy the overall point of the first part makes some sense and points out some cool facts. Though admittedly as the story progresses it gets a little out there with world banks trying to take over the word and the government implanting chips into people ect ect ect…….but eh it was amusing to watch and some of the imagery was cool. So watch it or download it…..or not I don’t really give a fuck…….

Rev. NecroWolf

Zietgeist the movie website

Download of the movie (2007 version)

On Youtube (updated 2010 version)


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