Well as normal with us here at the TCS we are not below giving out a damn good resource. This time it is previously the OFS. Now to some of us old goats that have been kicking around the scene (yes, the internet part of this religion is a bit of scene) will most likely know about these folks. They are based primarily out of Colorado USA which is amazing in and of it self if you know the midwest of America (I was raised there outside of the deep south there is NOT a part of the USA that is more bible crazed). Any way back to topic, what I am finding useful here is of course their library let alone their printed materials. Their free ebooks cover very basic but easily overlooked areas of religious worship of the Dark Gods. Mind you with all of the link and such you find here not all of the views of the other sects are our own. Any way, enjoy!

Also check out their forum where you can find me meandering around!


Rev. N~


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