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Salute brothers and sisters of Satan!


It has been all to long since I have updated the blog and for this I apologizes but life has once again taken me on a side tangent, but I am back! With that said let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of why I am writing this, an update. We here at the Temple of the Crooked Serpent are going to attempt to become slightly more involved with the Satanic Community via a Yahoo message group. Yes this is dated technology to say the least and most of the groups of the past are now dead or inactive and the active groups that are on the service tend to make the mucky side of craigslist look like a Disney movie. Though this is simply a way for us to stay in contact with each other, pure and simple. I have no want nor need in this life time to ever run another forum. Not only is the coding a royal pain in the balls but it breeds all sorts of fun psychos and perverts. The Yahoo group allows us to ask for membership so we can control the trolls. Nonetheless this is our small way of reaching out to the Satanic community, though like all things with the TCS it will move very slowly and seem most of the time dead. Here is the info all are welcome as long as you can be respectful.


Temple of the Crooked Serpent Yahoo Group





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