Hello world. I understand that it’s been long overdue that I come out of hiding and get to know everyone a little better. I’d like to start off by saying that I will always consider myself a student. I did a web search for Satanism when I was 14. I joined a forum on which Reverend Necrowolf was active. I added him to Yahoo Instant Messenger and that was really it.

I had him as a Yahoo contact for months before I actually got up the courage to talk to him at all. I’m extremely shy. We would talk a lot and finally when I was about 15 I found myself carving the sigil of Lucifer into my ankle. It was the first “ritual” I ever did, if you could call it that. It kind of feels like a very casual self-initiation to me, because since then it’s felt like my world did a complete one-eighty turn from the direction I was going in. Since then I have felt like this is the right path. After that time, Necrowolf and I became closer, and somewhere along the way I became his pupil. He gave me a lot of reading, counseled me, and generally veered me away from becoming a little shit.

When I was 18, I think we had a bit of a falling out just from mismatched schedules, but I joined the Demonolatry forums. I took their meditation class and explored working with various Demons. I had a natal chart reading done that told me divination would be one of the toughest things for me to master, so I’ve been working with runes. I have a set that I made from play-doe when I was 16 (Laugh all you’d like, but it’s still my go-to set.) and a set with Dukante hierarchy sigils.

I’m fascinated by sigils and enjoy making my own all the time. Usually they’re based on will statements, but sometimes they’re purely graphic. My rituals aren’t very refined; they’re mostly meditation based, blood–letting, sigils of course, and burning prayers. I’m a very simple person. Formal rituals are indeed important, but I tend to process information emotionally instead of analytically, so it’s easier for me do what feels right rather than try to work from a set of instructions. My more recent works have involved a lot of drawing and writing while meditating. It’s been easier to tap into the Demonic current and understand what the Demons want me to know.

I have been an artist my entire life and am pursuing a digital arts degree. This year I experienced a tremendous amount of growth through exploring new kinds of media. I wrote a novel, tried out charcoal in Life Drawing, and took a ceramics class where I made ritual supplies. Sadly, not all of them were finished in time for the bisque deadline so I have a beautiful set of hand carved runes that are bone dry.  I will likely be exploring a lot more intricate rituals now that I have these beautiful new tools. Lately I have been reading a lot of modern grimoires and I’m itching to try out some new methods.

Thank you all for supporting the TCS and making it what it is today!

May Lucifer light your path.



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