The Temple:

The Temple of the Crooked Serpent was created by Rev. NecroWolf and Sister A. as a means to communicate to the loose knit members of the group via files and write ups. In the beginning the site was based on a old fashioned few page design as a static model meant to be no different than any other Satanic website out on the Internet. Though with the demise of the on-line forum due to inactivity because of busy lives we rounded the troops and thought of making this blog up. Not only does this give us the ability to update here and there with little to no coding (This pleases Rev. NecroWolf greatly as he is stuck doing said coding) but allows us to easily post the youtube videos of the Reverend. Though with this all said it must be explained that after a few mishaps with ex-members joining the Temple of the Crooked Serpent is purely by invitation by the Reverend, though the public information of the group will be posted here and can be accessed by any one who happens upon it.


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