The members of the Temple of the Crooked Serpent are individuals that are united under shared beliefs. We believe that there is irrefutably only one true Lord and Master: SATAN / Lucifer. There are other points we agree upon such as the following:

  • We believe there to be other spirits from Hell called Daemons that deserve our due worship and honor and in doing so we may learn and evolve to become what our Father Lucifer wishes us to be.
  • That the greatest gift that our Lord has given us is Da’at or knowledge.
  • There will be an end to the world as it stands. When it comes, those that follow the Father will rally and destroy the false reality that we are chained to currently and allow the universe to once again settle again into pure chaos.
  • There are three principles that all followers of the Devil shall live by. They are Respect, Honor, and Valor.

These are things the true servant of the Devil will proudly live, fight, and die for without question.


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