Rev. Necrowolf (Biochaos)

Rev. Necrowolf has been bleeding for the Dark Gods from birth and practicing their ways without hesitation since 2003. At the age of 20, he became the youngest Reverend to be ordained by the Cult of the Ram. He is well versed in both ceremonial and chaos magic he also has years of experience working personally with the Demonic energies and serving the Father. He brings a fiery passion to all his undertakings. He created the Temple as a means to share his beliefs and devotion with the masses. To simply state it, Satan is his life.

Priestess A.

Priestess A. began to serve the currents of our Dark Gods in 2006 but, like all of us that truly belong to the Father and Daemons, the presence of HIM was there all her life. She is the first pupil of Rev. Necrowolf and has studied both the ways of Orthodox Devil Worship and Daemonalotry. The focus her studies is devotional prayer rituals, meditation, and divination. She has proven herself to be proficient, but is a perpetual student. She provides balance to Rev. Necrowolf’s harsh manner. Without her all this would not be nor would Rev. Necrowolf.

Brother Buer ( Weverin, Gorlock, Biochaos)

“The Devil is everything in everything that I do, every breath, every movement, every sigh, and every dream I dream. All the music I write is for HIM, and he dominates every aspect of the rituals I write and share with my other band mates, The Devil Dominates all in my life. This is transferred I believe when hear all the albums I have been a part of. Each album is unique to the current practices I was performing for the Dark Lord and the certain eternal suffering I was enduring during the creation of the music.”


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